Logan is a native Coloradoan, and recently relocated her voice studio to Colorado Springs where she teaches with her husband, baritone Armando Contreras. Logan welcomes all interests and abilities.


Logan's teaching is focused on helping each student free their body and voice of tension in order to develop an open, clear, and consistent sound. Each student will develop a working vocabulary and the tools necessary for mindful practice at home.


Text, character, interpretation, and body awareness are key areas each student will focus on to become better musical interpreters. Students will work on genre appropriate performance techniques.


It can be easy to get lost in the technicalities of singing and forget something very important: connecting to a piece musically. Conveying a meaningful and well rounded musical performance for your audience is one of cornerstones of being a musician.


Learning to trust ones abilities and trusting in their progress is a lifelong journey and something we should always strive for. Confidence is cultivated through diligent practice and performance.


Hour Lesson: $60

45-minute Lesson: $45

30-minute Lesson: $30

Ages 12+

Younger musicians by consultation


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