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Research & Presentations

Kassia Database


A resource for musicians to aid in the discovery and celebration of art song by women composers. The database serves to ease the search for unique compositional voices with the hopes to increase performance and advocation of each woman's often overlooked works.


Resources for Diverse & Inclusive Programming

Websites, publishers, social media accounts, and podcasts to help in the exploration of more inclusive repertoire planning.

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Kassia Database: A Singer's Guide to Finding Art Song by Women Composers

An introduction and exploration of the Kassia Database, a database of art song by women composers.

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Institute for Composer Diversity

Art Song Works Database Co-Coordinator

The Institute for Composer Diversity works to encourage the discovery, study, and performance of music written by composers from historically excluded groups. The Art Song Works Database consists of song by composers from historically excluded groups who have consented to being represented in the databases.


Exploring Women Composers:
An Historical Look Into Women Composers and Their Art Song

Lecture presentation: introduction to women composers, their song, and exploration of the limitations and restrictions placed on composers due to their gender identification and skin color.

Composer Lecture

The Singer's Guide For Discovering Diverse Repertoire

Tools and Resources for Programming Inclusively and Diversely. 

NATS National Conference, Chicago 2022

Chicago 2022 Poster
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